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Q: How do I sign up?

Right here. You can choose anything as your name.

Q: My deck isn't saving! Help?

Please try again. If you spammed the save button, this is why. If that doesn't work...

You can either contact us (bottom-right corner) or join our Telegram group for direct support: @CAHCreator

Q: Why is it only letting me add one card?

You need to press enter to save a card. You feel pretty stupid now, don't you.

Q: Why aren't my black cards saving?

Did you make sure to put in the pick #? That isn't put in automatically. I might add that in a future update or something.

Q: So I made the cards and all... but how do I actually play with them?

You could go make a game over at Cards Against Equestria and add a custom set from the lobby. I'm also working on a pretty cool Telegram bot at the moment. If you want to get updates, join our Telegram group: @CAHCreator

Q: I don't want to join the Telegram group.

Yes you do.

If all else fails...

If you're 100% sure that your question isn't answered by that great FAQ, please don't hesitate to contact us. You could also join our Telegram group to get help from your fellow creators: @CAHCreator